Brisbane Water Outdoors Club

Joining Options

Want to try before you join?

Why spend hundreds of dollars doing expensive outdoors courses when BWOC runs courses for members by experienced trainers from navigation to abseiling all included in the membership fee.

BWOC is an incorporated association and is affiliated with Bushwalking NSW. The Club adheres to their Code of Ethics which includes Minimal Impact Bushwalking. Through Bushwalking NSW, the Club has insurance coverage for public liability, for Club meetings and personal accident insurance for members participating in BWOC activities.

Becoming a temporary or full member of Brisbane Water Outdoors Club ( BWOC ) can provide you with a multitude of benefits. As a temporary member, you gain access to events, resources, and activities within BWOC for three months. This can be a great way to test the waters and see if BWOC aligns with your interests.

A full membership, on the other hand, provides ongoing access to BWOC’s resources and on going activities. You have the opportunity to attend members events, and if suitable receive training and the opportunity to develop friendships  with like-minded individuals. Overall, becoming a temporary or full member of BWOC can lead to enjoying a range of activities like bushwalking, car camps, bike rides,  canyoning and skiing within a safe environment.

Temporary Membership

Full Membership