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Temporary Membership

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Temporary Membership

Your Temporary Membership allows you to participate in activities for 3 months after which you will receive an email to remind you that you need to make an application to join if you want to participate in further activities. You will be contacted by the Membership coordinator who will help you find some suitable activities. If you decide you would like to join, please go to the Join Us page and complete the Application for Membership. You will need to pay $45 membership fees

Temporary Membership

Brisbane Water Outdoors Club Inc.
PO Box 845 Gosford NSW 2250


In voluntary participation in any Brisbane Water Outdoors Club activity, I am aware I am risking injury, illness and death or loss of, or damage to, my property. Typical risks may include but are not limited to hypothermia, slipping on loose or icy surfaces, slipping on rocks, falling rocks, exposure, snake bite, bee stings and other insect attacks, burns, drownings, stepping into unseen holes, accidents during vehicle travel to walks, navigation errors and becoming lost.

To minimise risks I will:
• inform myself of the nature of the activity and ensure that it is within my capabilities;
• carry food, water, medication, clothing and equipment appropriate for the activity;
• advise the leader of any physical or other limitation, or any dependence on medication, that may require urgent attention during the activity;
• make every effort to remain with the rest of the party during the activity;
• will advise the leader of any concerns I am having; and
• comply with all reasonable instructions of the leader.

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Brisbane Water Outdoors Club - Central Coast New South Wales Australia

Bushwalking, abseiling, cycling and kayaking on the Central Coast - are you up for the challenge?

BWOC is an organisation that supports inclusiveness. Contact the Club and we will put you in contact with a Leader about participating in an activity.

Acknowledgement of Country Wherever and whenever we walk, we acknowledge and pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians and Owners of the land.